Quotes // Zero Kiryu ~ Deutsch/Englisch


» You said it yourself once... The reason why they look like humans... is so that they can hunt us down more efficiently...

» They are just beasts who took human forms! (to Yuki)

» I feel like...I'll go mad ...if I'm not hunting vampires during the night.

» Come on vampires. I've been pissed off lately.

» Come on vampires, go ahead. I'm in a bad mood anyway. (Zero Kiryu, inviting the vampires to fight him.)

» The headmaster talks about the Night Class like they're good vampires who support his pacifism, but I don't trust them. I won't let my guard down. I'm cooperating so I can find the most effective w

» Drinking blood whilst on school grounds is strictly prohibited. Getting drunk on the scent of blood... you're revealing your true nature, vampire. (Zero, while pointing the Bloody Rose at Hanabusa)

» Listen up, brats! Get the hell back to your dorms! Why do I have to deal with you running around screaming "Kyaa! Kyaa!" every damn day?! Why?! (Day Class Girls)

» If you go one step ahead of me, I'll make you cry. (to Yuki)

» Don't give me that 'I am your master' look'. (Zero to Yuki)

» Withdraw. This isn't a game.

» You'd probably wish to have your blood drank by Kaname-senpai, right?

» Former humans eventually fall into the Level E category, Yuki. They gradually lose their sanity, reaching their end.

» You heard it too? The sound of your blood being sucked in by me. After such a hair-raising experience you can't act as if nothing has changed. So don't interfere anymore. (to Yuki)

» That's why... for you, you have the right to be cruel to me. No matter how much you make me worry, or how much danger you put me in, just as much as you like. But these are not enough 'compensation

» I only desire your blood. Yuki, I want it so much it's unbearable... To the point unless I drank from you untill the very limits of your life, I wouldn't be satisfied... Such a disgusting, gluttono

» Yuki, I...I only desired your blood, Yuki...

» Her palm was so delicate. Don't go...Yuki.

» Drinking your blood like this is the only way I can survive. Don't you understand? You're my victim...Yuki...So in return, you've got the right to make me suffer. You can make me worry or drag me

» I wouldn't have minded if you...had killed me here.

» Because Yuki was there, I might have been able to live on...

» I want these gentle hands... and this kind smile... Even though I should not want such a thing. (Yuki touches his face & he wants to kiss her)

» I want to hold you in these arms forever.

» Yuki... What am I to you?

» Someone like me... Even though you don't need to think that strongly about me...

» Force me to submit. (to Yuki)

» Yagari: Anyway, don't do something rash. Don't let the little prefect worry. ~ Zero: She isn't little. In my heart, her existence is big. (refers to Yuki)

» I borrowed it from the Headmaster. It's a gun to use against vampires. If I loose the human part of me, and go mad as a vampire... shoot me with that gun. Not yet, but that day will eventually come

» You didn't do anything bad...Yuki...

It’s...not your fault, so don’t cry for me. (Zero's thoughts about Yuki)

» Yuki... I won't run away anymore. So don't cry.

» Not even once in my life I thought she betrayed me at all. (referring to Yuki)

» The Yuki I know... Is she inside you? (to Yuki )

» That man… Kaname Kuran… every single one of his cells, the entirety of his existence, is nothing but filth! He destroyed everything that belonged to me, my family, Ichiru, and myself… (Zero t

» I don't want to lose anything else anymore!

» I'll live on to accomplish this goal.

» That farce...with what we have now, is obviously finished. Kuran.

» Zero: The next time we meet...I will kill you, Yuki... ~ Yuki: Well then, in that case...I will keep running away from you, Zero. So that you will have a reason to live... by still having enemies t

» Go, Yuki... Go to the man who can spend eternity with you... (to Yuki)

» I'm fine even if you are no longer next to me. I don't have anything holding me back now... (Zero thinks of Yuki)

» If I kill every pureblood there is...then this will certainly be forgiven as well...

» It's neither a sin, nor a punishment... This is my satisfaction and long-cherished ambition. (Zero holds the Bloody Rose and leans up against a wall)

» Bringing flowers to the dead... (Zero holding two bunches of flowers )